„DAS LICHT DER WELT“ – Karwendel


Summer 2015. Sebastian and me finished so far our biggest route near home.


It’s a long route through an obvious yellow-white shield of a wall called „Spritzkarspitze-Nordwand.“ We bolted the line ground up in alpine style. Having some awesome climbing days and spending the night in the porter ledge.

Spritzkar_climbingdays 012

Although it’s a north-facing wall – it is too warm to climb in the morning…..

The route goes through amazing limestone. The jewel of the route is a 5m overhang in the 7th pitch .

spritzkarspitze 039

Sebastian at the exposed belay of the 8th pitch



Spritzkarspitze_3_Tage_Wand 030

the great view: the world famous valley „Ahornboden“


The upper part of the route is characterizes by amazing holy limestone.“Verdonesque!“

Spritzkarspitze_3_Tage_Wand 040

We believe in sky-hooks!

After a lot of days spending with bolting and trying the route we managed the first ascent. On 27th/28th 2015 of August Sebastian and me climbed the 600m and 16 pitches free and red point.

spritzkarspitze_final_bolting 041.JPG

Finally we free climbed the 600m of Spritzkarspitze-Nordwand

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